Technical Support

    With a team trained to Assistemaq provides technical assistance services to companies with machining centers and CNC lathes, and perform the installation with the same safety, quality and warranty. Provides services preventive maintenance to reduce downtime of machinery and equipment, elaborated jointly with clients, a timeline prior revisions and maintenance of equipment, providing safety and avoiding the discontinuity in the operating processes of contractors. This process of corrective maintenance gives the customer the elimination of defects in the equipment, as soon as possible.  Performs reforms of machinery and equipment. It has precision equipment to perform geometric verification, leveling and indicate the actual measurements of your vehicle, getting a better performance of the same. The company aims to achieve and maintain a leadership position in the current highly competitive, and we consider necessary for the deployment of advanced technologies. This requires that we are always committed to developing knowledge and application of innovative solutions.   The Assistemaq takes into consideration the client tripod: high technology, value and productivity.